Seed Research Institute

Welcome to Seed Research Institute.

We are investigating novel and innovative drug candidates from Soil Microorganisms in Okinawa and The neighboring islands, IE.NANSEI Islands,JAPAN.

About US

Our Aim is Drug Discovery Research of Natural Source

  • Execution of commissioned investigation service by use of our original and innovative HTS method.
  • Natural sources from the last frontier of Japan; Nansei (Southeast) islands/Ryukyu islands.
  • Focusing on natural products isolated from marine microorganism. 
  • To find strong and effective drugs with new and novel chemical structures.


Address: Okinawa Health Biotechnology Research and Development Center #206 

12-75, Suzaki, Uruma-shi, Okinawa 904-2234, Japan 

Phone: +81-98-923-3725; Fax: +81-98-923-3726 


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